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Elaine Lisle

Elaine Lisle is a Philadelphia painter known for her lively and colorful landscapes and cityscapes. Her paintings are rendered with crisp brushwork and delight the viewer with light and bold use of color as well as a sense of intimacy. Lisle’s use of the figure in the landscape tends to make the subject more accessible by making it more personal. By working “en plein air” regularly, she is able to bring the rich sense of immediacy to her larger studio works as well.

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Annisquam Sunset with Boat Base of Tetons Morning Boulder Path Cafe with Neon Chairs Dusk on the Pier Fall Lobster Harvest
Fields Behind Tig Charlie Maine Fishing Boat Cove Monhegan Conversation Monhegan Rocks Morning Confab of Oreo Cows Morning Stroll Cordes
Port Street Dock, Easton Provencal Dog Walk Rain or Shine, Tilghman Red Awnings in Cordes Sunflower Heaven Sunflower Sky
Teton Path Verbascum Symphony Village Market Day Vineyards and Lavender Willows Reflections Windy morning at Fish Beach
Since 1981